What Is Coconut Copra


What is coconut copra? It is a dried coconut meat product, with the aim of extracting the oil contained. At first, process making coconut oil from copra in a long time ago traditionally by nations in the Pacific region. In general, the drying process is carried out traditionally by drying the coconut flesh in the sun or by fumigation. In modern terms, use a dryer. Coconut which has become copra later will be further processed to produce coconut oil products or products other derivatives. The best copra is coconut copra from Indonesia.


– Edible Copra
– White Copra

A. Edible Copra
Edible Copra is copra which has high quality, has the main features are small diameter between 3-9cm, 5-6% moisture content, no hole and in general good physical appearance without reject.

B. White Copra
It is a copra that has high quality as well as edibles, however the size is not as small as edibles. White copra is generally obtained from the results of the oven and the sun, so the color is cleaner because there is no smoke and does not depend on the sun during the drying process. Then, this white copra becomes a mainstay product for export at Superb Coco Indonesia.

Moisture : 5-6% max Sun Dried + Oven + Sulfur
Quality : Free from fungus, mold and dirt
Condition : Hygienic & highly Nutritions
Color : Clean White
Loadbility : 23.7ton (1×40 HC Container)
10.5ton (1×20 Feet Container)

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