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White coconut Copra or dry coconut manufacturer and Suppliers Indonesia / check price today below – Coconut is a commodity that has many derivative products. One of the coconut derivative products that is very popularly used is copra or dried coconut.

What is Dry Coconut or Copra?

Copra is made from dried coconut meat to extract the oil contained. It is a very important product as an ingredient to make coconut oil and its derivatives. Not only that, many people use copra slices for a wide variety of needs, such as food mixes or even religious rituals. Coconut Copra manufacturer and supplier Indonesia.

Copra Process Making

There are several ways to make copra or the process of making copra. Currently, the most popular process in making copra is by heating the sun or by oven. It aims to produce a whiter and cleaner copra. Before knowing the drying process with oven and direct sun, making copra in the past in general by fumigation. So, this greatly affects the quality of the copra produced, such as the color of copra to be black, the abundance of mushrooms and high water content levels. Therefore, the current production of copra is better by drying directly in the sun or by using an oven and using sulfur to eliminate the growth of mold on the copra. We are supplier and manufacturer of dried coconut copra. Source and process our product at our processing centers in Indragiri Hilir, Riau, Indonesia. Coconut Copra manufacturer and supplier Indonesia.


  • Oil Extraction.
  • Direct Consumption.
  • A mixture of various product ingredients.
  • etc.

Quality Specifications – Copra

We have a supply of several types of copra. The following specifications of our dried coconut, based on quality;

Edible Copra

In general it used for a mixture of food ingredients or direct consumption. Edible copra is the highest grade, with small cup.

White Reguler

White copra is a highest quality product, usually For high grade oil milling. Sometimes, used as a mixture of food ingredients or direct consumption such as edible.

Grade C Copra

Usually We call it asalan copra. It is the last grade of dried coconut. The size of this spesification is various and cracked into pieces, but still all of the grade still contain oil to make CCO & RBD CNO.

How to Order

We are coconut copra suppliers and manufacturer from indonesia. Please review the dry coconut copra price, general terms and conditions below. Please contact us for any inquiries or to view a detailed specifications document.

Email : info@superbcoco.com

Phone/whatsapp : +6285156372766

Website : https://www.superbcoco.com/

If you’re ready to order, we’ll submit a formal quotation for your reference to issue a Purchase Order to us.

Dry Coconut / Copra Price Today

Edible Price: USD 1,380 per Metric Ton, FOB Jakarta, Indonesia.

White Reguler Price: USD 1,220 per Metric Ton, FOB Jakarta, Indonesia.

Grade C Copra/Asalan Price: USD 1020 per Metric Ton, FOB Jakarta, Indonesia.

Last price update: 20 February 2022.

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General Terms and ConditionsCoconut Copra manufacturer and supplier Indonesia

Packaging: In plastic net bags or Jute Gunny Bags.

Shipment: In dry containers. Approximately 24-25 MT per 40 feet container and 10-11 MT per 20 feet container.

Delivery time: In general, we deliver 4-5 weeks after order confirmation.

Payment method: Cash In Advance, with 40% paid in advanced and 60% balance shall be paid against scanned copy of Bill of Lading (B/L). Original B/L will be sent once balance payment is cleared.