cocopeat suppliers indonesia

Coco Peat Supplier from Indonesia

Cocopeat / Coco peat suppliers Indonesia – One of the coconut products that we export is coco peat. As we know, coco peat is a product that is commonly as a growing medium which is very suitable for various needs in the agriculture and bedding in animal farms.

What Is Coco Peat?

Cocopeat is a growing medium for plants that are popular today. Coco peat is a fibrous, chewy, light, cork-free material that holds the coir fibers together in coconut coir. The cocopeat powder obtained from separation with cocofiber is filtered, washed, dried and finally compacted into blocks. Above all, Coco peat usually for various agricultural needs.

coco peat suppliers indonesia

5 kilo grams of coco peat that we compress will expand to around 75 liters of wet coco peat. In horticulture, coco peat is as a substitute for peat because it is free from bacteria and fungal spores and without environmental damage due to peat mining.


  • Low EC and High EC
  • Dimension : 30 x 30 x 14 cm
  • Weight : 5 kg
  • Compression Ratio : 5:1
  • Moisture : 16-18%
  • Ph : 5,2 – 6,8
  • Expansion : 70-80 litres

Coco peat suppliers Indonesia

General Terms and Conditions

Packaging : Blocks, 5 kgs

Shipment :  Max Load for 40 feet Containers = 28 MT (28,000 kg).

Delivery time : In general, we deliver 3 weeks after order confirmation (Negotiable).

Payment method : Cash In Advance. With 50% paid in advanced and 50% balance shall be paid against scanned copy of Bill of Lading (B/L), but also it is negotiable. Original B/L will be sent once balance payment is cleared.

Coco Peat Suppliers Indonesia

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