About Us

We are a company engaged in the supply of coconut products and coconut raw materials. Starting with existing plantations and factories that have large production capacities, we always try to fullfil the needs of our customers.

Indonesia is the largest coconut plantations in the world. Therefore, our coconut harvested directly from plantations. We are currently working together with local farmers to develop around 1000ha, which has an average production capacity of 1.3 tons / ha. With the potential land and the support of local farmers who are experienced in plantation management, we always try to fullfil the needs of coconut, both domestic and export. Coconut has many derivative products, so we are trying to meet the need for coconut products, such as copra, charchoal briquettes, desiccated coconut, cocofiber, and cocopeat. 

We have a goal, which is to become The Leading Supplier of Coconut Products. Therefore, we always maintain the best quality to compete in the global market.