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Best Supplier of Coconut Products From Indonesia

Coconut products supplier from Indonesia – Indonesia is the largest coconut producing country in the world. Therefore, Indonesia is the right place as a source of coconut supply. Not only get consistent sources, Indonesian coconut products have the best quality. 

Coconut products are a sustainable product, because the source of ingredients is renewable. Moreover, all parts of coconut can be utilized for a variety of products. Starting from fruit, coir, leaves, lid, stems and so forth. Therefore, the need for coconut products in the world is getting bigger today.

CV. Indomuda Mustika is one of the companies engaged in the manufacturer and supply of coconut products for local and export from Indonesia. Our vision is provide the best coconut product from Indonesia.Therefore, we strive to maintain the best quality, create awareness and innovation of coconut products.

coconut products supplier from Indonesia

Our Guiding Principles

Good Quality

As a coconut product supplier, we work hard to provide best quality. Strive to provide products that are of above average quality.


Superb Coco Indonesia is open to ideas and innovations aimed at mutual development to create better coconut product and continue to make improvements.


We strive to maintain a commitment to all partners who have worked together. For us, trust is an important thing to maintain.


As a company that wants to have added value, we always strive to benefit all parties and for the environment.

Our Products - Coconut Exporter and Supplier from Indonesia

Superb Coco Indonesia / CV. Indomuda Mustika  is a leading supplier and exporter of desiccated coconut, coco peat, coco fiber, coconut charcoal briquette, virgin coconut oil, coco bristle and coconut copra from Indonesia.

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Address : Jl. Sumbawa No. 1, Jetis, Blora, Central Java, Indonesia

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